Leeds packaging company eyes expansion with fresh investment

Leeds Vacuum Formers (LVF) has invested 600,000 in new equipment as well as an increase of its tool room.

500,000 might be allocated to a whole new thermoforming machine with an expected installing of autumn.

The remaining 100,000 will likely be used to expand its tool room before the end of this year.

The investment will be helpful to expand the business’s output capabilities by 25% as well as increasing its development speeds, it said.

Managing Director Nigel Coates said: “These two developments will represent an enormous revolution for LVF. And then for ahead in the thirtieth year of trading brings about feel far more significant.”

At 2,700 sq ft, LVF’s new tool room C which will be located on a new purpose built mezzanine floor C is practically twice the measurements its existing facility.

The expanded tool room might be manned by four full-time toolmakers, plus LVF’s design and development manager, Daniel Coates.

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