Liberal groups prep grass-roots campaign against Trump’s SCOTUS pick

Grass-roots groups around the left are organizing a large mobilization monday against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee – pressing senators to oppose the pick as soon as it’s announced.

The campaign means to replicate a few of the headline-grabbing civil demonstration tactics that helped defeat the GOP’s Obamacare repeal effort not too long ago, sending protesters to in-state Senate offices starting on Monday after Trump taps his nominee with the high court. Its focus is outside Washington, component of an endeavor to increase local media and public attention on swing-vote senators inside Supreme Court fight.

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“Senators will need to immediately have the pressure to protect our rights and oppose Trump’s extreme nominee,” liberal groups state on his or her #SaveSCOTUS website, which had been launched on Tuesday.

Organizations behind the push include Indivisible, MoveOn, Demand Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America, People For any American Way, Center for American Progress Action, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Protect Our Care and others.

The activists’ efforts will pay attention to highlighting the record of Trump’s nominee on Roe v. Wade and ongoing legal challenges to Obamacare, a strategy emphasizing abortion rights and heath care treatment that Senate Democratic leaders also are adopting into their push to derail the confirmation.

Democratic leaders are urging their base to coach their fire within the GOP, pressuring swing-vote Republicans like Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Ak senate of Alaska to oppose any high court nominee culled from Trump’s list of potential nominees blessed by conservatives.

Progressive groups, however, are casting a large net making use of their advocacy, and they are about to target red-state Democratic senators also.

“We contain a 50-state strategy,” said Planned Parenthood national organizing director Kelley Robinson, whose group tallied above 150 events concentrated on the last Court held while doing this week’s congressional recess.

And the left isn’t limiting its firepower to next week’s in-state mobilization campaign.

Demand Justice is going to spend $5 million on its own TV, digital, radio and mobilization efforts against Trump’s Supreme court pick, centering on Collins’ and Murkowski’s home states as well as Indiana, North Dakota and West Virginia, states where moderate Democratic senators voted recently to verify Trump-tapped Justice Neil Gorsuch.

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