Uber offers riders 911 safety tool

Uber, often criticized for your perceived lack of care about safety, is launching a different pilot in Boston including a few other U.S. cities that could automatically send a rider’s exact place and ride details to police if he or she press a crisis button.

“Day-to-day, our technology puts many people together in cars in cities all over the world,” Dara Khosrowshahi, us president of Uber, wrote in a very post. “Helping keep people safe is a huge responsibility, and a second and we don’t take lightly.”

The pilot, which can be reside in Boston, works with a partnership with RapidSOS to transmit location, car information along with other details on to police dispatchers when a rider presses an urgent situation button inside of the app. The emergency button replaces another that could call police, but will not give authorities any further information.

“Federal regulators estimate about 10,000 lives may just be saved annually if first responders were able to go to a 911 caller just one single minute faster,” Khosrowshahi wrote. “In case a rider uses Uber’s emergency button within a of your pilot cities, their whereabouts and trip details might be automatically deliver to the 911 dispatcher.”

Boston has seen several high-profile incidents with Uber drivers nowadays, including one with Alejandro Done, an Uber driver as well as a serial rapist who attacked women on the Esplanade for ages before he was caught. Trapped on tape, Uber driver Ranjan Thapa was arrested and faced with a rape after attacking a girl passenger.

Uber announced several new safety features yesterday, including stronger driver criminal history checks and annual rechecks of drivers that have already passed. The company may even detect unusual or unexpected stops in the ride, and check out with the driver and rider.

“This is merely a sluggish start the journey for Uber,” Khosrowshahi said yesterday within the company’s unveiling of the additional features in New York City. “We really wish for Uber being the safest transportation platform on the planet.”

Khosrowshahi has produced safety one of his top priorities since seizing as CEO recently. In April, Uber started doing annual background record checks on U.S. drivers and hired a firm to constantly monitor criminal arrests.

The moves are trying to mend Uber’s reputation after having a wave of major scandals and bad press. Since it began operating in ’09, Uber continues to be dogged by reports of drivers accosting passengers, including lawsuits alleging sexual assaults. Not too long ago, the organization was fined $8.9 million because of the state of Colorado for allowing people who serious criminal or car or truck offenses to your workplace as drivers. Anyone Utilities Commission stated it found nearly 60 citizens were ready to drive within the state in spite of previous felony convictions or major traffic violations including drunken driving.

Herald wire services resulted in this report.

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